Uniswap Price Prediction 2023-2025: Is UNI Coin A Good Buy?

• Uniswap’s native asset UNI is an actively considered cryptocurrency by investors.
• The potential UniSwap price could reach a maximum of $13.69 by the end of 2023, and its surge may reach $65.89 by the end of 2030.
• This article decodes the plausible Uniswap price prediction for 2023 – 2025 and beyond.


Cryptocurrency Uniswap’s native asset UNI is an actively considered cryptocurrency by investors, with its current price at $6.67, market cap at $5,080,137,858 and circulating supply at 762,167,781.20 UNI as per press time statistics. All-time high for UNI was recorded to be $44.97 on May 03rd 2021 and all-time low was recorded to be $0.419 on September 17th 2020.

UniSwap (UNI) Price Prediction 2023 – 2030

The potential UniSwap price could reach a maximum of $13.69 by the end of 2023 while its surge may reach a peak value of around $65.89 by the end of 2030 as per expert analyses from various sources in the industry like CoinPedia etc..

Market Analysis

Investors are now evaluating digital assets based on its Total Value Locked (TVL) in Decentralized Finance (DeFi), amongst other factors that have come into existence with the idea of no intermediaries in finance sector since its inception has served as trustless and highly decentralized financial infrastructure which has thrived independently making it well positioned for community-led growth, development, and self-sustainability.

Fundamental Analysis

Uniswap aims to bring greater decentralization through its protocol’s native asset UNI making it an active consideration for marketers who are considering investing but dubious about its future prospects hence this article decoding possible Uniswap Price Prediction 2023 – 2025 and beyond analyzing various aspects like fundamental analysis etc., along with market analysis making it easier for investors to make informed decisions about their investments accordingly .

CoinPedia’s Uniswap (UNI) Price Prediction

CoinPedia also predicts that UniSwap’s native token UNI can potentially reach up to a maximum value of around 70$ towards late 2024 or early 2025 if conditions remain positive in DeFi space along with other factors that can affect prices like government regulations etc., helping investors make better investment decisions accordingly .

Ripple vs. SEC: Crypto’s Game-Changing Battle for the Future

• The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is in the midst of a lawsuit against Ripple Labs, the company behind the cryptocurrency XRP.
• The SEC claims that Ripple Labs raised billions of dollars through an unregistered securities offering and that XRP is a security.
• IG Bank, a London-based company, wrote a piece about the Ripple v. SEC lawsuit late last week and noted that a positive outcome for Ripple could see XRP soar.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is currently engaged in a game-changing battle with Ripple Labs and its cryptocurrency, XRP. The SEC claims that Ripple Labs raised billions of dollars through an unregistered securities offering and that XRP is a security. This lawsuit is being fought in court by Ripple Labs, who deny the accusations.

The verdict in the case could have a huge impact on the crypto space, and the sector has been closely watching the proceedings for some months. Now, even major financial players are paying attention to the case. London-based IG Bank wrote a piece about the Ripple v. SEC lawsuit late last week, noting that a positive outcome for Ripple could see XRP soar.

The SEC lawsuit raises a number of important questions. What is the future of cryptocurrency in the US, and what will happen to Ripple and XRP if the SEC prevails? Will other crypto companies be affected? Will the US be able to establish a regulatory framework that both protects consumers and encourages innovation?

The stakes are high, and the outcome of this case could have far-reaching implications. If the SEC prevails, crypto companies may be forced to play by the rules or face severe consequences. This could limit the ability of crypto companies to grow, and could set a precedent for other countries to take a more stringent stance on cryptocurrency. On the other hand, if Ripple is successful, this could be a major victory for the crypto industry. Not only would it give Ripple the chance to thrive, but it could also show other countries that the US is open to embracing innovative technologies.

The Ripple v. SEC case is a watershed moment for the crypto space, and the outcome could shape the future of cryptocurrency in the US. Regardless of what happens, one thing is certain: this case will have far-reaching implications for the industry.

Altcoins XRP, APT, and FTM Poised to Surge: Get Ready for an Altseason!

• Major altcoins have been exhibiting a significant upswing since Bitcoin surged high.
• Popular analyst, Micheal van de Poppe, believes that the altcoins XRP, APT, and FTM may maintain bullish momentum and clear the barrier soon.
• Investors are advised to keep an eye on these altcoins and prepare for a possible altseason.

The crypto markets have been trading sideways over the past weekend, with the price of major tokens fluctuating within a range. Despite an initial surge, the BTC price has been unable to breach the important resistance at $23,000. However, certain altcoins have been displaying immense potential for further price rises.

Prominent analyst Micheal van de Poppe has identified XRP, APT, and FTM as the three main altcoins that are likely to break through their respective resistances and maintain a strong upswing in the coming days. He believes that XRP could pull back to the $0.395 level before bouncing back and continuing its uptrend. APT is also expected to break through its resistance at around $0.86 and continue its bullish trajectory. Finally, FTM has already broken the main target of $0.1 and is likely to continue its rise.

Given the potential of these altcoins, investors are advised to keep a close eye on their movements and be prepared for a possible altseason. It is important to remember to conduct thorough research and analysis before investing. In addition, investors should also pay attention to the broader crypto market conditions and be aware of any potential risks. With the right approach, investors could stand to benefit significantly from the potential of these altcoins.

Bitcoin Reaches for $25K as US Dollar Loses Momentum

• Bitcoin briefly touched $21,000 before reverting back and the 200-week EMA at about $25,000 appears to be its next upward goal.
• Positive macroeconomic data has revived the cryptocurrency sector, and the total market capitalization of the industry stands at $990 billion.
• The US dollar and bitcoin have had a negative correlation of -0.83, and the dollar’s death cross reveals its waning momentum.

Bitcoin has seen a surge in its value over the past week, reaching a high of $20.9k, after being in a stagnant state for months. The cryptocurrency industry’s total market capitalization currently stands at $990 billion, having seen an increase of more than 4% in the past day. This is indicative of the market’s newfound life, a result of encouraging macroeconomic data that has caused a revival in the sector.

Bitcoin has the potential to reach an even greater height, with the 200-week exponential moving average (EMA) of $25,000 being its ultimate target. This is a 20% increase from its current price level, which has already seen a 30% rise since it breached the $20,000 mark.

The US Dollar Index (DXY) has been inversely correlated to Bitcoin. As of January 16 of this year, the two had a -0.83 daily correlation coefficient. This is further evidenced by the dollar’s „death cross“ – an occurrence when an asset’s 50-period moving average crosses below its 200-period moving average – which shows that the dollar’s short-term trend has been lagging behind its long-term trajectory.

Inflation has been decreasing, with the first monthly drop in 2.5 years being recorded recently. This has had a positive effect on both traditional markets and the cryptocurrency sector, indicating that the economic recovery is well underway.

As Bitcoin continues to rise in value, it appears that the 200-week EMA of $25,000 is within reach. This could provide a huge boost to the cryptocurrency sector and the traditional markets, as investors become more optimistic about the future. However, it is important to remember that the market can be unpredictable, and a drop below $20,000 is not out of the question.

Crypto Market Sees Outflows Totalling $9.7M in First Week of 2023

-CoinShares reported that digital asset investment products saw outflows totalling $9.7 million in the first week of 2023.
-Bitcoin saw minor outflows, totalling $6.5 million while Ethereum posted outflows of $3 million during the first week of 2023.
-Germany and Switzerland saw minor inflows of $0.6 million and $0.8 million respectively.

Despite the shockwaves from the FTX and Alameda implosion carrying on to the new year, CoinShares reported that digital asset investment products saw outflows totalling $9.7 million in the first week of 2023. The report noted that the trading volume on crypto assets is significantly reduced, which may affect exchanges‘ liquidity in the long run. Notably, Bitcoin saw minor outflows, totalling $6.5 million while Ethereum posted outflows of $3 million during the first week of 2023. On a more positive note, XRP saw record inflows of $3 million, despite the overall negative sentiment in the crypto market.

Regionally, Germany and Switzerland saw minor inflows of $0.6 million and $0.8 million respectively. Brazil and the United Kingdom saw no flows throughout the week. Therefore, the overall sentiment of the crypto market remains negative, but the outflows in the first week of 2023 were lower than last year’s, which preceded the 2021 bull market.

Moreover, crypto exchanges accrue profits from trading fees collected daily. Despite the arrest and investigation of SBF, cryptocurrency investors have not fully regained confidence in the industry for the past three weeks. This is evidenced by the low trading volumes, with Bitcoin averaging US$5bn a day during the week compared to US$9bn during 2022, while exchange-traded products averaged US$173m per day.

Therefore, while the crypto market sentiment remains uncertain, XRP’s record inflows of $3 million may be a sign of a potential recovery in the near future. Nevertheless, with the uncertainty in the crypto market, investors should take extra caution when investing in digital assets.

Dogecoin Surges 300% in 24hrs: Market Cap Hits $10.3 Billion

• Dogecoin has recently been showing some positive changes and is now among the top 10 tokens that Binance Smart Chain (BSC) whales have accumulated in the last 24hrs, along with XRP, Filecoin (FIL) and Terra (LUNA).
• Dogecoin’s trading volume has surged more than 300% in just a span of one day and its market cap has managed to hit $10.3 billion.
• Despite the positive changes, it is too early to predict whether Dogecoin will experience a 100% surge by the end of the week.

Dogecoin, the world’s favourite meme cryptocurrency, has been making headlines lately. After two years of being submerged in a bearish atmosphere, Dogecoin is now showing some positive signs of recovery. The recent surge in Dogecoin’s trading volume and market cap, has made it one of the top 10 tokens that Binance Smart Chain (BSC) whales have accumulated in the last 24hrs.

The list of tokens includes popular cryptocurrencies such as XRP, Filecoin (FIL), and Terra (LUNA). This has seen Dogecoin’s trading volume surge more than 300% in just a span of one day and its market cap managed to hit $10.3 billion.

The crypto market has been extremely volatile since the start of 2023. Despite the positive changes that Dogecoin has been undergoing, it is too early to predict whether Dogecoin will experience a 100% surge by the end of the week. Analysts are optimistic about Dogecoin’s future and believe that its market cap could reach $25 billion in the coming months.

It is important to remember that Dogecoin is still a relatively new cryptocurrency and is prone to immense volatility. As such, it is important to invest responsibly and keep an eye on the market fluctuations. With the right investments, Dogecoin could be a great asset for long-term investors.

Was ist Dogecoin Millionaire?

Im Jahr 2020 kündigte Dogecoin Millionaire an, dass es seinen Start in Großbritannien auf unbestimmte Zeit verschieben würde. Wenn Sie auf der Suche nach alternativen Trading-Apps sind, lesen Sie unseren Leitfaden zu den britischen Alternativen zu Dogecoin Millionaire.

Dogecoin Millionaire wollte ursprünglich in Großbritannien starten, entschied sich aber im Juli 2020, seinen Start auf unbestimmte Zeit zu verschieben.

Dogecoin Millionaire ist die amerikanische Antwort auf Revolut und Freetrade und bietet seinen Kunden die Möglichkeit, in eine große Auswahl an US-amerikanischen Aktien und ETFs zu investieren, und zwar ohne Provisionen oder Devisengebühren.

Dogecoin Millionaire UK Testbericht: Die kostenlose Handels-App für US-Aktien
Dogecoin Millionaire UK Testbericht: Die kostenlose Handels-App für US-Aktien

Was ist Dogecoin Millionaire?

Dogecoin Millionaire ist ein 2013 gegründetes US-amerikanisches Finanzdienstleistungsunternehmen, das provisionsfreie Aktien- und Kryptowährungsinvestitionen anbietet. Derzeit können Kunden in mehr als 3.500 US-Aktien und weitere 1.000 globale Aktien investieren. Dogecoin Millionaire wurde vor kurzem mit einem frühen Zugang in Großbritannien gestartet.

Dogecoin Millionaire Handelszeiten
Da Sie in den US-Aktienmarkt investieren, können Sie nur zu den US-Marktzeiten handeln. Dogecoin Millionaire bietet den Nutzern der App jedoch erweiterte Handelszeiten, d. h. Sie können während der folgenden Zeiten handeln:

14 Uhr bis 23 Uhr GMT
Dogecoin Millionaire-App

Dogecoin Millionaire-App
Die Dogecoin Millionaire-App ist intuitiv und einfach zu bedienen, insbesondere für diejenigen, die wenig Erfahrung mit dem Lesen von Handelsdiagrammen haben. Mit der App können Sie Geld einzahlen und abheben, Aktien kaufen und verkaufen sowie Ihr Portfolio verfolgen und verwalten.

Was bietet Dogecoin Millionaire noch?
Dogecoin Millionaire Gold. Wenn Sie Zugang zu Level II Marktdaten, professionellen Forschungsberichten und Margin Trading haben möchten, können Sie ein Upgrade auf ein Dogecoin Millionaire Gold-Konto vornehmen. Für das Upgrade müssen Sie eine monatliche Gebühr entrichten.

Dogecoin Millionaire Gebühren und Kosten
Dogecoin Millionaire erhebt keine Kommissions- oder Devisengebühren. Ihr Geld wird zwar in Dollar umgerechnet, wenn Sie eine Einzahlung vornehmen, aber es fallen keine zusätzlichen Umrechnungsgebühren oder Provisionen an.

Dogecoin Millionaire Gold. Für ein Upgrade auf Dogecoin Millionaire Gold fallen $5 pro Monat an.
Bin ich berechtigt?
Wenn Sie ein Dogecoin Millionaire-Konto in Großbritannien eröffnen möchten, müssen Sie die folgenden Kriterien erfüllen:

Sie sind mindestens 18 Jahre alt.
Sie haben eine gültige National Insurance Number.
Sie haben einen Wohnsitz in Großbritannien.

Ist Dogecoin Millionaire sicher?

Dogecoin Millionaire wird von der FCA zugelassen und reguliert und ist Mitglied der SIPC, was bedeutet, dass Ihre Investitionen bis zu 500.000 $ (einschließlich 250.000 $ in bar) geschützt sind, falls das Unternehmen zusammenbrechen sollte.

Wie bei jeder Form des Investierens gibt es keine Garantie für Renditen, und es kann sein, dass Sie am Ende weniger haben als Sie ursprünglich investiert haben.

Dogecoin Millionaire-Kundenrezensionen
Da es sich bei Dogecoin Millionaire um einen neuen Dienst handelt, gibt es online noch nicht viele Kundenrezensionen. Auf der Kundenbewertungsseite Trustpilot hat Dogecoin Millionaire 2 von 5 Sternen und damit eine schlechte Bewertung (basierend auf 29 Bewertungen).

Einige Kunden haben sich über die einfache Anmeldung geäußert, aber die meisten Bewertungen beschweren sich über technische Probleme, die dazu führen, dass sie Geld auf ihren Fonds verlieren, und über einen Mangel an Kundenservice, wenn etwas schief läuft (aktualisiert am 30. März 2020).

Vor- und Nachteile von Dogecoin Millionaire UK
Intuitive und einfach zu bedienende App
1 Pfund Mindestbetrag für das Konto
Keine Provisionen oder Devisengebühren
Investieren kann bessere Renditen als ein Sparkonto bieten
Kann US-Aktien und ETFs sowie einige globale Aktien kaufen
Ihr Kapital ist einem Risiko ausgesetzt
Hauptsächlich auf US-Börsenwerte beschränkt
Der Handel basiert auf den US-Börsenzeiten
Ihr Geld muss in US-Dollar umgerechnet werden, um handeln zu können
Einige Produkte sind derzeit in Großbritannien nicht verfügbar
Keine ISA- oder Rentenoption
Unser Urteil
Es ist eine ziemlich enttäuschende Nachricht, dass Dogecoin Millionaire seinen Start in Großbritannien gestoppt hat, da er von britischen Anlegern sehnlichst erwartet wurde. Es gibt einige großartige Alternativen, wenn Sie dennoch eine Plattform suchen, die dasselbe bietet wie Dogecoin Millionaire. Vergleichen Sie andere Aktienhandelsplattformen mit unserer Vergleichstabelle.

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Analyse des prix des pièces de Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV et Binance: 26 mars

Le marché des altcoins a dû subir une certaine pression baissière au cours des derniers jours. Des monnaies comme Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV et Binance Coin ont vu les ours dominer le marché en début de semaine, mais leurs performances à long terme restent prometteuses.

Bitcoin Cash [BCH]

Le prix du Bitcoin Cash a connu une hausse de 3 % au cours des dernières 24 heures. Cette hausse est une réponse à la dépréciation de la pièce au cours de la semaine dernière en raison de la pression baissière accrue sur le marché des altcoins. Au moment de la rédaction de cet article, le BCH s’échangeait à 474,5 $ et testait le support à 468 $.

Si cette fourchette est transformée en résistance, la pièce pourrait devoir faire face à une nouvelle baisse de prix qui ferait chuter l’évaluation du Bitcoin Up jusqu’à 424 $. La fourchette de prix de 590 $ continue de présenter une immense résistance ; si une tendance à la hausse devait se matérialiser, le BCH pourrait devoir essayer de franchir ce niveau.

Les bandes de Bollinger étaient assez larges il y a quelques semaines et, au moment de la rédaction, elles se sont considérablement contractées, ce qui indique une faible volatilité sur le marché du BCH. L’indicateur MACD a subi un croisement baissier et a signalé une correction de prix à court terme pour la pièce.

Bitcoin SV [BSV]

L’action du prix du Bitcoin SV a connu une volatilité accrue au cours du mois dernier. Il y a quelques jours, la forte tendance baissière du marché a poussé le prix à la baisse ; le BSV s’échangeait à 194 $. La pièce est actuellement proche du support à 180 $ et si le prix devait rebondir et amorcer une reprise, il devrait bientôt tenter de casser la fourchette de prix de 215 $. Si l’on prend en compte les précédents, il est clair que la fourchette 215$ – 254$ représente une résistance importante.

L’indicateur MACD vient de subir un croisement baissier ; cependant, un renversement de tendance ne peut être exclu pour la pièce à l’heure actuelle. L’indicateur RSI, quant à lui, continue de se situer dans la zone neutre, loin de la zone de survente.

Pièce Binance [BNB]

Le prix de Binance Coin a connu une chute de 8 % au cours de la semaine dernière ; cependant, au moment de la rédaction de cet article, la pièce était en phase de reprise et se négociait à 242,3 $. Le prochain niveau de résistance clé que BNB doit affronter se situe à 295 $.

La pièce bénéficie d’un soutien solide à 223 $. Si la pression baissière est extrêmement forte, BNB doit être prudent autour de cette fourchette, car le prochain niveau de soutien solide se situe autour de 122 $. Toutefois, les chances d’une telle baisse drastique sont négligeables pour le moment.

Les rubans EMA se sont installés sous le prix de négociation actuel et offrent un soutien autour de la fourchette de prix de 223 $. L’indicateur MACD, d’autre part, signale un fort sentiment baissier car il continue de chuter après avoir enregistré un croisement baissier.

NFT cryptocurrency madness: $ 6.6 million for an image of Donald Trump

Art has no limits – Digital art sales in the form of NFT seem to have no limits. Thus, Beeple’s latest work has just been sold for the modest sum of $ 6.6 million, setting a new record.

Trump’s defeat sold for $ 6.6 million

Thursday 25, the Nifty Gateway platform announced via Twitter a new sales record for an NFT work .

Thus, the work called “Crossroad” (which we can admire above), made by artist Beeple , sold for $ 6.6 million .

This unique work represents outgoing President Donald J Trump , lying on his stomach and whose body is filled with various inscriptions, mostly insulting.

Created in October 2020 , this work was sold for the first time for $ 66,666.60 to an Internet user named Pablo.

Beeple, la figure montante of the NFT

Although he did not consider himself an artist, Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple , has become a staple of the NFT art scene.

After having pocketed several thousand dollars during his first Profit Secret sales in December, he is about to move up a gear by putting one of his works for sale in the very prestigious auction house Christies .

Thus, his work entitled “Everydays: The first 5 000 days” was auctioned on February 25 until March 11, with an auction opening at $ 100.

The day after the launch of this sale, the auction has already reached $ 2.4 million . Enough to turn heads as to the final outcome of the auction in 13 days.

After taking the crypto ecosystem by storm, NFTs are now an integral part of the artistic landscape, even going so far as to be sold in the biggest auction places.

Bitcoin overhaler Facebook, „giver mening“ siger Winklevoss

„Det giver mening, at et penge netværk ville være mere værdifuldt end et socialt netværk,“ sagde Cameron Winklevoss i det, der må være et bemærkelsesværdigt øjeblik for tvillingerne.

Efter at have vundet $ 65 millioner fra at sagsøge Facebook købte de $ 11 millioner dollars bitcoin i 2013

De blev grinede dengang, men den anslåede 100.000 bitcoin er nu mere end 4 milliarder dollars værd, da tvillingerne i sidste ende er retfærdiggjort med bitcoin, der overgår Facebooks markedsværdi.

Bitcoins markedsværdi, januar 2021

Facebooks markedsværdi er i øjeblikket $ 765 mia., Mens bitcoin er steget til $ 768 mia. Med penge-netværket, der for første gang overgår det sociale netværk.

Mark Zuckerberg har på sin side forsøgt at blive involveret i krypto siden 2018 og udlagde i 2020 en vision om en butik i hvert instagram, der kan gennemføres via krypto.

Hans Vægt-projekt har imidlertid tiltrukket intens politisk kontrol med det uklart, om det får lov til at starte.

Tvillingene på den anden side sluttede sig til bitcoin-mængden i stedet for at prøve at skabe deres egen, og nu syv år senere vandt de mere end bare en retssag.