Crypto-Currencies: TOP 10 Summary


The world of cryptomonies is constantly growing, and moving. There are many crypto currencies in existence today. In this sense we bring you a summary of the TOP 10 of cryptomontages.

Summary of the TOP 10 of cryptomoney
A couple of years ago nobody bet a peso on Bitcoin, let alone on the other cryptomonies that emerged shortly afterwards. Today, however, that has changed, and the ecosystem is attracting more and more investors and crypto enthusiasts.

In our ranking today, you will see a summary of the top 10 crypt currencies from our Crypto Online Trend tool. We look at the top 10 largest crypt currencies by market capitalization. Which at the time of writing all show decreasing variations in the last 24 hours.
They include Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether. Bitcoin (BTC) lost only -0.80% of its value, trading above USD 9,300. ETH fell by -1.56%, while USDT lost -0.02%.

Continuing with the ranking we see Ripple (XPR) occupying the fourth place with a decreasing variation of -1.64%. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in fifth place also fell by -2.18%. Meanwhile, Bitcoin SV (BSV) decreased by -2.02%, ranking sixth respectively.

Finally, Litecoin (LTC) posted a downward variation of -1.65%. Likewise, Binance Coin (BNB) decreased by -0.98%. EOS (EOS) fell -1.46% and Cardano (ADA) -2.74% in tenth place.

Ripple executive expects investors to expand their horizons beyond Bitcoin
Ripple’s head of global institutional markets says that if the past is a prologue, the stage is set for a long-term Crypto Cash bullfight.

In a new episode of Block Stars, Breanne Madigan says Bitcoin has solidified its status as a potential reserve of value and hedge against global economic risks.

Madigan says she expects investors to increasingly broaden their horizons beyond BTC. As the crypto industry matures.

„I think we’ll see investors who were formerly Bitcoin-only maximalists expand into other alternative currencies as we develop greater utility and use cases for digital assets in general. And I think as those utility cases grow, you’ll see a much higher rate of institutional investors crossing over into macro hedge funds, including some allocation to cryptography as an asset class as a general rule, not the exception.

Countdown to Tron 4.0 launch

TRON CEO Justin Sun recently revealed the launch date for the platform upgrade. TRON 4.0 will be released on July 7.

According to the original release of the press release, this is a protocol that is represented by a smart contract and takes the name of „Smart Contract Privacy Protocol“. It will be an integral part of TRON 4.0, as announced by Justin Sun himself.

Sun also expressed through his Twitter account that the countdown to this release is beginning. Which is the biggest challenge for Ethereum to date