NFT cryptocurrency madness: $ 6.6 million for an image of Donald Trump

Art has no limits – Digital art sales in the form of NFT seem to have no limits. Thus, Beeple’s latest work has just been sold for the modest sum of $ 6.6 million, setting a new record.

Trump’s defeat sold for $ 6.6 million

Thursday 25, the Nifty Gateway platform announced via Twitter a new sales record for an NFT work .

Thus, the work called “Crossroad” (which we can admire above), made by artist Beeple , sold for $ 6.6 million .

This unique work represents outgoing President Donald J Trump , lying on his stomach and whose body is filled with various inscriptions, mostly insulting.

Created in October 2020 , this work was sold for the first time for $ 66,666.60 to an Internet user named Pablo.

Beeple, la figure montante of the NFT

Although he did not consider himself an artist, Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple , has become a staple of the NFT art scene.

After having pocketed several thousand dollars during his first Profit Secret sales in December, he is about to move up a gear by putting one of his works for sale in the very prestigious auction house Christies .

Thus, his work entitled “Everydays: The first 5 000 days” was auctioned on February 25 until March 11, with an auction opening at $ 100.

The day after the launch of this sale, the auction has already reached $ 2.4 million . Enough to turn heads as to the final outcome of the auction in 13 days.

After taking the crypto ecosystem by storm, NFTs are now an integral part of the artistic landscape, even going so far as to be sold in the biggest auction places.