OKEx in normal operation again: only withdrawals not possible

After some difficulties, OKEx is pretty much up and running again.

The OKEx crypto exchange announced that fiat crypto purchases and the peer-to-peer business are back. However, withdrawals are still not available

„OKEx’s P2P platform will resume trading in the fiat pairs Bitcoin Union, INR and VND on October 21 at 12:00 (UTC). The fiat gateway ‚Buy crypto‘ will also be reactivated,“ said OKEx on Wednesday in an announcement. It also said: „Please note that withdrawals of cryptocurrencies are still temporarily suspended and the ‚Sell Crypto‘ option is not available.“

The exchange said in a tweet on Friday after suspending withdrawals, „other features are up and running“. Buying and selling via OKEx’s Fiat gateway have also been suspended, according to Wednesday’s announcement.

„As stipulated in the OKEx protocol and in the interests of user safety, the OKEx functionality of P2P trading, available in Vietnam, India and China, and withdrawals have been temporarily suspended on October 16,“ an OKEx representative said on October 16 Wednesday across from Cointelegraph.

He added that certain conditions can sometimes provide opportunities for hacking and theft by criminals

„That is why we decided to stop P2P trading as long as we review the situation and inform users of the potential dangers of this service. We are pleased that our users in these regions are following the correct practices to safely trade their assets We will resume P2P trading on Wednesday October 21st at 12:00 PM UTC. “

The turmoil at OKEx began on Friday when the exchange announced that withdrawals were being temporarily suspended. The situation in the following days was completely unclear. When commenting on the problems, there was talk of a private key manager of the exchange and involvement in an ongoing investigation . The Chinese police are also said to be investigating the founder of the exchange .

OKEx provided certain details, but the overall situation was still unclear. The exchange has repeatedly assured that the money is safe, however.

„Other functions of the exchange, such as trading and saving, remain unaffected and the users‘ assets are safe,“ the representative told Cointelegraph after the announcement on Wednesday. „P2P trading has resumed and we continue to list new tokens and assets.“